X-Men: Legends


X-Men: Legends (Giant Bomb|Wikipedia) is the next game up for evaluation. I played the Playstation 2 version.

I should start this by saying that I’m an X-Men fan. I loved the kid’s cartoon series in the 90s, I loved the comics that I read in the late 90s/early 2000s, and I love the movie (even though some entries are admittedly flawed). That being said, and my biases being aired, I really liked this game. It takes a lot of what I love from the X-Men franchise – mainly, interesting characters – and adds a lot of fan service to it. Then, it mixes that with hack and slash RPG mechanics and loot that I love from series like Diablo. There are 15 playable X-Men in this game, which is way more than I expected. You start with Wolverine and after a short tutorial mission get a team of 4 characters that you can swap at the beginning or mid mission. Each character levels up individually and allows you to assign stat points and skill points – or you can just hit auto assign and have the game do it for you.

I imagine this is a fantastic co-op game as it supports up to 4 players with the multitap.


The graphics are cel shaded in style, which I feel works great. The menus are shockingly crisp and clear considering I’m playing this on a 1080p TV. The music is good, and it doesn’t get in the way of the action. I have two minor complaints with the game. One, the voice acting can be hit and miss and during the tutorial some lines from Wolverine that were right next to each other were either recorded by a different actor or he phoned in some of them (literally, there is a lot of static). Number two is that the stat point/skill point menu takes some time to load.

Overall, I had a great time playing this game – I can’t believe I never touched it when it was new. I actually ended up playing for close to two hours, well over my stated 1 hour evaluation period.

Verdict: Play again! This is a great game, and plays really well on the PS2.

Images courtesy of Giant Bomb.




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