Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode


Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode (Giant Bomb|Wikipedia) is based on a Japanese manga character who (from what I understand) has some similarities to James Bond. The game is notable for a few reasons – one, it has a diverse set of gameplay types and is fairly competent in all of them. It also has probably the most cinematic presentation I’ve ever seen on an NES title – there are full screen cut scenes with large detailed sprites. Also, it is notorious for being one of the few NES titles to feature sex – when injured, you can regain health by ‘visiting’ a female associate at a hotel. Growing up, I never heard of this game nor did I know anyone that had it – one of my favorite aspects of 8 and 16 bit systems is that there are a ton of titles waiting to be discovered, just like this.

Gameplay is a strong suit of Golgo 13, and it’s hard to describe – it does act like several different games in one. The primary mode acts as a platformer where you walk around a street and fight the occasional enemy – this mode reminds me of Rolling Thunder. Occasionally when walking, you’ll be interrupted with a first person shooting gallery mode, where you need to shoot down helicopters and ground based assailants who are shooting at you. There is also a side scrolling shmup style mode. All of this is impressive in that it all works fairly well. There are some issues with the normal platforming mode – mainly, you can’t duck and shoot at the same time even though enemies can so some damage is not avoidable. If you do manage to die (and you will – a lot), the game places you back at a recent checkpoint – a nice touch. I would have appreciated it if the developers had included a save slot or password system, but they didn’t. Bummer.


Graphically, we have a mixed bag. The title screen, cut scenes, and story telling sections look great – in fact, I’m impressed they pulled it off on the NES. The side scrolling mode you’ll spend most of your time is – well, only ok. The character sprites lack any kind of detail and the backgrounds repeat far too often to not notice.

Music and sound effects are very good. Music wasn’t catchy enough to stick in my head the rest of the day, but that’s hardly a criticism. Sound effects were fairly standard for NES titles – nothing to complain about but not amazing either.

Verdict: Play again. The check points keep the frequent deaths from being frustrating and I can’t imagine this is a particularly long game.

Images courtesy of Giant Bomb


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